Holiday Magic!

I have written recently that I am working through many hard things revolving around my personal perspective and personal growth.  That is where my head, heart and hands are living today.  That does not mean that I cannot be equally living in the land of magic, enchantment, faith and hope.  Gratefully, I have a three year old grandson who sees the world with eyes of profound wonderment.  What a gift.

What does this Christmas and all of the other holidays of the season mean?  To me it means sharing time with those I love.  To me it means walking the world and seeing the beautiful lights and decorations that are everywhere in the neighborhood and community.  It means taking a few extra minutes in the shopping lines to connect with shoppers and employees.  It means making homemade marshmallows because my sister loves them.  It means setting time aside time to bake all the other items I love.  This takes me back to my childhood and all the lovely Christmas holidays of the past.  I love giving these items away to friends and family.  It means polishing and decorating the tree with the silver bells that I have received one of every year for almost the 50 years now.  It is watching A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, The Polar Express and Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.  It is holding traditions I love and continue.  It is watching with love as my son and his family create new traditions.

Ultimately it is the promise of The Christ: love, hope, peace, joy and goodwill among all people.  Ultimately, it is all the great and small gifts that come from this promise.

All these things I experience lead me to reflect upon my life and the world around me.  Thank goodness for the holidays.  Thank goodness for magic.  Thank goodness for the gifts of ultimate love.  Thank goodness for children.

Season’s Greeting!  Love and joy to you!