In the past couple of weeks, my world has been challenged.  As with many challenging situations, trust is a central issue.  I am not sure that trust has been broken.  I am not sure the foundation of trust had even been established.  I am analyzing my understanding of operating in good faith and living with relationships of trust.   I will write more on this in the future.  I am too close to the events to be objective.

What I am focusing on today is the opportunity that is just under the surface in every challenge.  Reframing adversity to opportunity doesn’t make challenging situations easier.  It does not change the reality of the situation.  It does not make confronting my role in creating the challenge and adversity less difficult.  It does give me a healthier perspective on the situation that allows me to focus on growth and learning.  It does allow my faith to deepen and my vision to be clarified.  I can continue to move forward and work toward solutions. 

I have had the privilege to talk to hundreds of people about the power of reframing situations from negative to positive.  I train and teach this and know the power of consciously shifting the mind and heart’s perspective.  I practice it in small ways every day.  I am practicing it right now in a larger scope.

I watch the television show The Walking Dead.  I am an avid fan.  In a recent issue, the character of Tara enters a camp of people in hiding and she is not welcomed.  In fact, the people living there eliminate the danger of anyone who finds their camp by eliminating the people.  Ooops.  This is not a good place to find oneself.  Tara makes her case for survival by letting her captures know she is not the enemy.  She says, “If you keep thinking everyone's an enemy, then enemies are all you're gonna find.”  This is the second principle of importance that I am relying on right now.  You find what you look for.  Look for enemies and roadblocks, you find enemies and roadblocks.  Look for good relationships and opportunities, you find potential.

These are two of my basic foundational beliefs.  Number one: shift your perspective to find the positive.   Number two: you find what you look for so having identified the positives, look for the those things and build upon them.

Please do not think that I am a pie in the sky person.  I am not a Pollyanna who does not hold myself and others accountable.  I make hard choices.  I do hard work.  No one is a tougher critic on myself and my team members than I am.  My philosophy is based on the Servant Leadership principle of starting with self-awareness.  I first look within and determine how I own the situation.  Second, I listen in every way possible to learn from the situation.  Lastly, I give resources to the areas that get the results and changes that are needed and help those around me do the same.

This brings me back full circle.  I have been personally challenged lately with my work and the relationship of the people with which I work.  I am processing internally, shifting perspective and sharpening vision.  This work is not fun.  This work is hard.  This work is incredibly rewarding.

I am looking forward to finding the path to where I am striving to go or something better.  If you read this post and have a similar perspective or a narrative to share, I know I would benefit from your words.  Feel free to post or email your wisdom.