Work/Life Balance

About a year ago, I was introduced to a valuable lesson from my son.  My son is a millennial.   Yes, he is the product of baby boomer parenting and very influential grandparents from the greatest generation. He is remarkable and I am infinitely proud of him.

My son does not see the world the same way I do.  He does not see the work world the same way I do.  I learn from him every day as I hope he learns from me since we see the world differently.

In my life, I have strived for a work/life balance.  My son has taught me how short sighted this concept truly is.

This is my son’s wisdom that I am trying to bring into my life.

There is no work/life balance.  There is only life.

Work/life balance infers that I work and then I have my life outside of work.  That somehow when I punch in at the office, whether that is in a building that I drive to through rush hour traffic or it is in my home in an office I enter through a door in the hallway, that I somehow stop “my life” and begin doing something else.  What?  I don’t know.  I think about that and my brain begins to twitch at the absurdity of the notion.

My life is my life whether I am working at a desk on a project, at the dining room table on homework, in my kitchen on dinner or in my backyard planting and pruning my garden.  My life is my life.  It is short and it is the only one I have.

I believe I am successful in life because I am able to make choices.  These choices put me in places where I do activities and build relationships.  They allow me to give my time and attention to the things that bring meaning to my life, a chunk of happiness in my world and continuous opportunities to learn and grow. 

What choices are you making?

What choices are you giving others to make?

What are you doing to help those around you to have and make better choices?

Thank you, Michael.  You are so wise and so loved.